Costs of the treatment in perspective

Consultation costs in perspective....

The following prices are those that doctors in the Netherlands were allowed to declare to the health care insurance companies in 2013. These do not include the costs incurred by hospitals. (From research done by the consumer tv programme Vara Kassa:

1. You have a sore throat and a nasty cough. A visit to hospital to consult an ENT doctor for a maximum of 10 minutes will cost 122,30 euros.

2. If your problem is a deep cut in your finger, then a simple surgical consultation at A & E will cost 140,65 euros – not including any other costs incurred by the hospital.

3. This time you have chest pain and you think you may be having a heart attack. You go to A & E and are seen by a cardiologist. Within an hour, you get the good news. You don’t have a heart problem, you’re just suffering from hyperventilation. The doctor’s bill alone – not counting fees for the various tests - is 184,05 euro