Safety of the autovaccine

Twelve tubes of blood are taken from the patient to make one course of autovaccine therapy. Two extra collection tubes are filled and sent as a control sample to a laboratory once the preparation of the autovaccine has been completed as one batch. All the blood samples in the collection tubes are properly labelled as soon as they have been obtained from the patient to avoid the possibility of accidental exchange with another patient. As explained further on this site, the autovaccine is nothing more than the patient’s own blood – sealed in vacuum tubes - that has been kept at body temperature in sterile conditions, and gently rocked, for the duration of several weeks. This sets off a denaturation process of all bio-active molecules in the blood – with the exception of human and bacterial DNA molecules which are essentially indestructible. This process is called incubation.

Towards the end of this incubation period, the two control collection tubes are sent to a laboratory where the samples are cultured to see if there are any bacteria or other organisms that could compromise the safe use of the autovaccine. microscoop op bloedIt is necessary to ensure that there is no