Lianne (41) - cured of rheumatoid arthritis

Lianne's testimony (see video at the bottom)

Classic rheumatoid arthritis: testimony of a 41-year old female patient


It wasn't so long ago that I was diagnosed with an incurable chronic disease by a medical specialist. I was told that I had rheumatoid arthritis. After being treated with autovaccination, I have fully regained my health. If you, too, have been given a message like this by your specialist, you have a chance to regain your health and live a normal life again, just like me.

One month before I was due to give birth to Julia, almost all my joints were inflamed and I could hardly get up out of bed. My hands and feet were so painful that I could barely use them. The rheumatologist prescribed the standard medication: prednisolone and methotrexate, but these drugs were very risky because of my pregnancy.

After a long search on internet, I came across Dr Kunst’s website. I was so relieved to find someone who had developed an effective treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases that did not involve drugs or any harmful medication for me or my unborn child. Dr Kunst took phials of my own blood, and by treating it (without any additives whatsoever), turned it into a medical therapy which gradually cured me during the course of one year. Before consulting Dr Kunst, I had had to stop working as a massage therapist because of the rheumatoid arthritis, but since undergoing this treatment I can work again.

This treatment is based on information from widely different scientific studies, but because rheumatoid arthritis is “known” to be incurable it feels a bit like magic – especially as no pharmaceuticals or supplements are involved. Perhaps that’s the reason why patients and doctors are not open to this innovation. This was clear from the reaction from a number of acquaintances of mine who denied that I could be cured of rheumatoid arthritis and were sceptical about how it had happened.

Even my rheumatologist, who I had continued to visit during my treatment by Dr Kunst, reacted in a way I had not expected. Much to my amazement, she was not remotely interested in this treatment that she had never heard of before. In fact, she made it clear that she was not at all happy with my progress. She kept insisting that I use the prescribed medication - even when it was clear that the autovaccination therapy was working. In fact, when all my symptoms had disappeared, she still insisted that the medication was necessary.

All this played out more than a year ago and my health has steadily got even better. These days I feel super fit. The rheumatologist has no desire to stay in contact with me and still doesn’t recognise the effectiveness of the treatment.

My conclusion: I have been cured of classical rheumatoid arthritis without taking any medication – and it appears that standard medical practitioners still think it’s impossible.

This site is not about my specific case and it’s not just about rheumatoid arthritis. Dr Kunst has found a factor common to almost all chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases ranging from rheumatism to chronic Lyme disease. This factor is bacterial DNA which remains in the body long after acute infections that are undergone earlier in life seem to be over and done with. These bacterial remnants have been shown to play a role in all sorts of chronic diseases including conditions like colitis ulcerosa and Alzheimers disease.

If you search this website, it will become clear to you how my success can be relevant for a very many chronic inflammatory conditions.


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