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Medical Practice

Making an appointment: appointments can be made by phone on all week days between 7 and 8 pm. For patients who are undergoing treatment, the doctor is also available for questions during these hours.

First consultation: The first contact is by phone. A patient with a chronic complaint is then invited to come to the surgery. It is recommended to bring as much existing medical information about yourself including a list of the medication that you are taking. You can get this from your own GP. This first consultation will only be charged if during that consultation both parties consider that pursuing the therapy has potential for success. This assessment will be made by the doctor together with the patient.

Directions to the medical practice: Bruggertweg is a country lane in the rural area between Borculo, Eibergen and Ruurlo in the east of the Netherlands. It is recommended to travel by car, but there is a public transport option – find your way to Borculo. Take the neighbourhood bus line 198. It rides a circular route that travels along the Bruggertweg. The driver will stop where you ask him to drop you off. The bus timetable can be found on the website .

Medication: This treatment is based on the stimulation of the immune system so that the body learns to deal with the health problem. Possible interference from pharmaceuticals could compromise the treatment rendering it ineffective. This means that the patient cannot take strong immune-suppressant medication during the treatment. If this is not advisable (as in the case of transplant patients, for example) then this treatment is not suitable for the patient. Some medications can be taken while being treated with autovaccination. This will be checked out during the first consultation.

Duration of the Treatment: Autovaccination is not a quick fix solution. It involves a period in which the immune system “learns” how to deal with the health issue. This this time frame involves months rather than days. For that reason, it is not recommended to commence therapy if significant complications in the short term are expected or if patients are considered terminally ill. By that stage, unfortunately, the window of opportunity for this healing therapy has probably elapsed.

Payment: The first consultation takes two hours. It is essential that the doctor gets an in depth understanding of the complaint and the history of the patient.  If the choice is made to begin treatment, then this consultation is charged at € 220,00.  For autovaccination injections done at the practice, you pay € 50,00 per injection. Injections can be done at home, and this saves travel time and money. But in that case you need  special ‘at home injection syringes’costing € 15,00. There is a one-off charge of € 185,00 for preparing the blood for autovaccination. Optional: DNA-testing blood for hidden bacteria (FISH-test) €200,00. There is no extra charge for advice and questions given by phone during the period of the treatment. The treatment does not involve any other costs.
Other financial arrangements are possible for individual cases in consultation with the doctor.  (Costs of the treatment in perspective

Health insurance: In the Netherlands, this treatment does not fit into any of the protocol categories as determined by the College of Health Insurance Companies, so your consultation and treatment expenses will not be covered. For patients in other countries, you need to check with your own insurance company.

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