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This site contains a description of a science-based medical approach to cure chronic inflammatory diseases.

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As a doctor in general practice, like most others, I spent the largest part of my professional life dealing with everyday ailments. The most satisfying aspect of my work was the opportunity it gave me to follow my patients from birth all the way through life’s journey. When there was a clear cause of the medical problem, or in the case of helping a patient give birth, I felt that my expertise was making a valuable contribution to the quality of life for my patients. However, I remained deeply concerned about the steadily increasing group of mostly middle-aged patients who had developed painful and debilitating conditions for which the cause was unknown, and for which there was no effective treatment. These people suffered from a large variety of conditions including COPD, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, and Alzheimers. Despite the very best specialist care and large amounts of medicines, these patients were never cured.

 "Until very recently the real cause of chronic disease has been unknown"

It was clear that although modern medicine can be very effective in cases of acute, life threatening traumas, heart attacks, pneumonia or appendicitis, it can do little to help in cases involving chronic diseases. Medical help is reduced to suppressing symptoms with ever increasing amounts and variations in pharmaceutical aids. Most people, including doctors have accepted this as inevitable.

 "Most people, including doctors, see chronic diseases as incurable"

The good news is that there is a growing amount of evidence that bacterial DNA plays a crucial causal role in chronic disease. This website is all about how the link between the bacterial DNA and chronic disease works and how these insights have led to the development of an effective cure for chronic disease.

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