Lianne (41) - cured of rheumatoid arthritis

Lianne's testimony (see video at the bottom)

Classic rheumatoid arthritis: testimony of a 41-year old female patient


It wasn't so long ago that I was diagnosed with an incurable chronic disease by a medical specialist. I was told that I had rheumatoid arthritis. After being treated with autovaccination, I have fully regained my health. If you, too, have been given a message like this by your specialist, you have a chance to regain your health and live a normal life again, just like me.

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Marco (27) - cured of long term Lyme disease

Marco's testimony (see video at the bottom)

MarcoDannenbergI had always been tall for my age and a strong, physical type. It did not surprise anyone when I decided in my teens to become a builder. However, when I was about 18, I began to get vague complaints that didn’t seem to relate to each other. I started to get blurred vision, but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with my eyes. I also became super sensitive to light. At the same time, I noticed that I had begun to feel the cold more, especially in my hands and feet. I also began to put on weight and it happened quite quickly even though I hadn’t changed my eating habits at all. Then the doctors discovered something in my blood that indicated a serious problem with my liver function - even though I didn’t drink much alcohol. For someone who had always been really healthy, this was very hard to take.

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Anja (44) - successfully treated for severe chronic Q-fever

Anja's testimony (see video at the bottom)

Anja Baijens

Up until about four years ago, I had enjoyed really good health. Then suddenly I was hit by a fairly serious heart fibrillation that lasted a number of hours. These attacks returned almost daily. They were quite terrifying. I was scared that I would die. The heart consultant prescribed five different drugs successively in an effort to find something that would work against this cardiac arryhthmia. None of them really helped and most of them caused various side effects.

At the same time, I developed an intolerance to all sorts of foods that I used to eat quite happily. I became sick and often had diarrhoea. I lost about 15 kilos and could only tolerate a small list of boiled vegetables, small portions of nuts and cheese. But it didn’t stop there.

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