Yvonne - successfully treated for COPD, extreme tiredness and arthritis

Yvonne's testimony (see video at the bottom)

Tiredness, chronic headache, COPD, arthritis and muscle pain
– successfully treated for chronic infections (& cardiac arrhythmia) -

I have known Dr Kunst for a long time. He has never been my own GP, but I have consulted him regularly during my life when my own doctors have been unable to help using traditional medical treatments. Dr Kunst thinks differently from most, and he often had a solution for my health issues.

In 2010 I had a run of throat infections that didn’t seem to want to disappear. At the same time, I felt increasingly tired and I began to feel old. My elbows, wrists and knees played up one after the other as if there were getting rheumatic. My job – supervising teachers – got too much for me. The GP couldn’t help me. Dr Kunst advised autovaccine therapy. I started treatment immediately, but because of my husband’s terminal illness and subsequent death, I only half finished the treatment.
The same symptoms returned in force and I began to cough habitually, I felt bone tired, had lots of headaches, joint pain and insomnia. It was a case of chronic bronchitis, or COPD as it is called, a complaint that you ‘have to learn to live with’ because you are never cured of it. The normal treatments did not change anything.

It took me four years to return to Dr Kunst. On his advice, I started autovaccine therapy again. Within a couple of months all my complaints disappeared and to my complete surprise, my skin even got much softer than I had ever had before. I was very happy, of course, but this wasn’t to last very long. A little more than a year later I was involved in a car accident and suffered a severe whiplash which caused my health to collapse again. Even the COPD symptoms returned, like incessant coughing and tiredness coupled with the neck pain that never went away. Physiotherapy and acupuncture did not help, so I went to Dr Kunst again – this was in the spring of 2016. He prescribed another course of autovaccine therapy and that has worked again for me. The past year I have felt much better than ever – and that is without the help of any medication. I did not think that the autovaccine therapy was difficult to do, and I did not experience any negative side effects from it.
Oh, yes, I forgot to say that I also had problems with my heart beating irregularly. The doctors called it cardiac arrhythmia. Since I have done the autovaccine therapy, that has disappeared as well.

Yvonne tells us in this video about the effect that autovaccine therapy has had on her symptoms. Yvonne has been responding very well to the treatment so far. 

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