Esther - fatigue and psoriatic arthritis almost cured

Esther's testimony (see video at the bottom)

Classic psoriasis and arthritic psoriasis: 

I had had problems with stiff joints for many years, but in 2006 my overall stiffness suddenly got worse and my right ring finger developed redness, swelling and pain. I was tired and felt unfit. I came across Dr Kunst in 2011. The joint pain had spread to all my fingers and I even began to have pain in my hips. That last pain seemed to be reduced by using vitamin B12. Tests for rheumatism showed a slight deviation in my blood. I had suffered from psoriasis for years, so the doctors thought arthritis psoriatica was probably behind it. At that time, I was no longer seeing a dermatologist because I didn’t want to take the rather dangerous immune suppressant drugs that were the only treatment available – and because I was no longer having as much discomfort from my skin problems, even though I didn’t look very good.

I came across Dr Kunst in an article he had written about his treatment for joint complaints. His logical explanation had made me curious. I told him that I had had several courses of antibiotics when I was about 21 to treat infections in my gums and teeth. I had undergone several root canal treatments at that time. Because there was still the possibility that there were abscesses in my jaw, Dr Kunst made the link between this and the inflammation in my joints. I didn’t want to go through another round of major dental work, and there was really no alternative, so I started with the autovaccine therapy.

During my first visit, blood was taken to make the autovaccine. and six weeks later I returned to receive my first injection. The treatment involved getting an injection once every two weeks. Twenty-four hours after the second injection, I felt tingling in the affected joints – as if the rheumatism was getting worse, but that disappeared quickly. Dr Kunst told me that this was a good sign, but I didn’t feel any improvement at all. After the sixth injection, I detected a gradual improvement, especially in the stiffness of my joints and what really got much better was my tiredness. Following the eighth injection I began to feel really good, but then things degenerated again and I felt like it was going nowhere. Dr Kunst encouraged me to continue and my complaints had ups and downs for some time. At a certain point my left knee and foot began to play up. Eight months after I started the autovaccine therapy everything seemed to settle into recovery. The rheumatologist who knew what I was trying out could see on X-rays that there were no more inflammations. Finally, after a year of treatment there was a significant improvement in my skin and my joint complaints.

Right now, in the summer of 2017 and six years after my autovaccine therapy started, I can say that I am healthy. My hands keep getting better and I don’t have pain anymore – only a bit of stiffness. The skin symptoms are not nearly as bad as they were. The autovaccine therapy was not hard to do. You only need patience and I eventually needed a few treatments to get this far.

In this video Esther is being interviewed about how the autovaccine therapy has affected her psoriasis and later outbreak of arthritic psoriasis. 


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