Is there a link between Alzheimer's and Lyme disease?

We recently bumped into an interesting article about a possible connection between Alzheimer's and Lyme disease and other infections. It confirms a growing suspicion that Alzheimers could have a microbiological causal factor. We have linked our readers to the Lyme Basics site, where this article can be found. The article is in English.

Of course it may be very unlikely that there is a strong connection, but the statistics of this case are very uncommon. 

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DNA injection to fight skin cancer

An article describing a new treatment for skin cancer has appeared in a Dutch newspaper, the Algemeen Dagblad. This is the link to the article, DNA injecties tegen huidkanker [DNA injections against skin cancer] published in the Algemeen Dagblad in the first week of October 2017.
This is another example of scientists using techniques to enhance the immune system - teaching it, as it were, to detect pathogenic intruders so that it can deal with health issues itself.

It is clear that this gives even more support and validation for the autovaccine therapy, which works on the same global principal - teaching the immune system to detect foreign DNA and neutralise it. The medicine mentioned in the article is directed at "one" specific type of tumor, whereas the autovaccine therapy gradually deals with a whole range of DNA remnants that may be present in our body. 

We understand that full English readers will not be able to read this article, so we have provided a translation of the article below. 

The article is written by Hanneke van Houwelingen 02-10-2017, 06:24

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