DNA injection to fight skin cancer

An article describing a new treatment for skin cancer has appeared in a Dutch newspaper, the Algemeen Dagblad. This is the link to the article, DNA injecties tegen huidkanker [DNA injections against skin cancer] published in the Algemeen Dagblad in the first week of October 2017.
This is another example of scientists using techniques to enhance the immune system - teaching it, as it were, to detect pathogenic intruders so that it can deal with health issues itself.

It is clear that this gives even more support and validation for the autovaccine therapy, which works on the same global principal - teaching the immune system to detect foreign DNA and neutralise it. The medicine mentioned in the article is directed at "one" specific type of tumor, whereas the autovaccine therapy gradually deals with a whole range of DNA remnants that may be present in our body. 

We understand that full English readers will not be able to read this article, so we have provided a translation of the article below. 

The article is written by Hanneke van Houwelingen 02-10-2017, 06:24

DNA injection appears effective treatment for skin cancer. 

A simple injection using DNA that resembles that of bacteria, can significantly increase the survival chance of a group of patients with skin cancer.

The first promising results come from research done by the Amsterdan VU medical centre and a clinical trial in 52 patients with skin cancer, who went to their GP's 10 years ago, with suspect moles on their skin. Melanoma (aggressive skin cancer) in its early stages was found in all of these patients.

Thirty patients received an injection with CpG-B, that was designed to prevent the cancer coming back and prevent it spreading. In two of these cases, the cancer still spread and they have since died (7 percent). 

In the group who did not get an injection, the cancer spread in 40 percent of cases. Six people died; three needed surgery again.

Follow up study

"The differences are quite overwhelming. It seems that a simple injection could prevent a lot of misery. But take note, we will have to do a follow up study with a larger group of patients before it hits the market," says researcher, medical biologist Tanja de Gruijl. 

Melanoma is the most aggressive and deadly form of skin cancer. Most important causal factor is unprotected exposure to the sun. The number of people that get a melanoma has been increasing for years. In 1990 this cancer was found in 1554 people; last year it was found in 6787 people. 

The malignant cancer returns in 5 to 40 percent of cases that have had surgery. About 800 people die from it annually.

The researchers injected the fluid at the place where the tumor had been found. The fluid CpG-B resembles the DNA of bacteria. Our immune system recognizes it as an intruder and acts against it. 

In the first week it appeared to be so effective already, that there were less cells detected that had spread to the lymph glands. De Gruijl: "The immune system gets such a boost that even years afterwards it still seems to prevent the renewed growth and spreading of tumors." 

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